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Nail artist – Fire alerting and reporting

It is in the particular interest of both economy and individuals to alert the fire-service about the fire in time. It is because the time elapsed between the beginning of a fire and its extinguishing has a crucial influence on the extension and development of the fire, as well as the costs of losses that have arisen.
The employer, the social organization and the citizens are obliged to give assistance in fire alerting, in asking for help and in giving feedback– with the communication device and means of transport available – without requiring any compensation.

fire-alarmsFire -and loss alerting have to include the following in any case:

  • exact place (and address) of fire and loss,
  • things on fire, what loss has happened, what is endangered,
  • name of the reporter and the number of the phone used for alerting.

Fire can be alerted:

  • to the fire-service (with the aim of alarming the state fire-service),
  • within the institution (warning workers, the fire-service of the company).

Methods of alerting the fire–service:

  • via personal communication (verbally),
  • on the phone (by putting through or directly on fire-alarm phone),
  • with sound-and light signal alarm device (fire alarm system).

Work-and fire protection classification of the hand-and foot care profession and artificial nail building.
According to the decree of 5/1993 its work protection classification: it belongs to the II danger –category.
Its fire protection classification: it belongs to the category of „Moderately inflammable” (signed with „D”).

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