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Nail artist – Classification of fire-extinguishers

1. According to their containing extinguishing agent:


  • powder based agents, P- signed
  • water based agents, V- signed
  • foam based agents, H- signed
  • halon based agents,G- signed
  • carbon-dioxide based agents, CO2- signed.

2. According to their size:

  • hand-held fire extinguishers: their gross weight is at most 25 kg,
  • portable pieces of device: they contain at most 50 kg extinguishing powder,
  • transportable (rollable) device: they contain at most 750 kg extinguishing agent.

Colour signals:

The base colour of containers of fire-extinguishers which contain agent is fiery red. The colour signal indicates the extinguishing agent found in the device:


Checking, repairing:

Fire extinguishers have to be checked regularly in order to ensure that they work reliably. Conditions of checking are stated in regulations.

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